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10 Foods Only America Was Crazy Enough To Invent

These are the top 10 Foods Only America Was Crazy Enough To Invent? The United States of America is a sprawling country with a variety of cultures. This geographic and ethnic diversity translates into culinary diversity resulting in an array of tasty foods. So whether it’s sweet or salty, let’s get a taste of the top 10 Distinctly American treats.

Comment #AmericanFood #American #Food if you want to eat all of the food in this list of top 10 Distinctly American treats.

0:28 The Greatest Thing Since... Sliced Bread
1:52 White Lightening - Alabama White Sauce
3:14 Frozen Alaska, Akutaq
4:23 Spirit Of Kentucky Bourbon
5:50 Brownies - A Movable Treat
7:22 Yes Virginia - There Is A Ham
8:41 Get Down In The Mud - Mississippi Mud Pie
10:06 Louis Lunch (Hamburger)
11:45 We're Talking About Sandwiches, Right? Cubano , Cuban Sandwich
13:06 M&M's Melt In Your Mouth

- Bread has probably been around for 30,000 years, but for most of that time people had to tear or cut off each individual piece of bread. Actual loaves of sliced bread didn't come about until 1928. A jeweler living in Missouri named Otto Rohwedder worked for years to build a practical machine that could mechanically cut loaves of bread.
- There are a lot of barbecue recipes that call for you to simply brush the white sauce onto the chicken during the last few minutes of grilling. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy this spicy condiment, Alabama White Sauce is a tasty American treat worth trying.
- A frozen American treat known as Akutaq, an Eskimo word that means "something mixed." It is also known as Alaskan ice cream, Eskimo ice cream, and native ice cream. Regardless of what you call it this traditional frozen dessert is essentially the northern regions' version of ice cream.
- The exact origins of Bourbon whiskey are not clear, and several people have been identified as possible inventors, but actual proof to support these candidates is hard to come by. In 1964 the U.S. congress passed a resolution declaring Bourbon whiskey to be a "distinctive product of the United States" and directed federal agencies to stop importation of similar foreign products.
- Brownies with chocolate frosting are often called Texas brownies and they are a popular variation of this enduring American treat. A newer variation of this dessert is the brookie, a brownie with a layer of chocolate chip cookie. Brownies are like pizza, even if its less than terrific it's usually still worth eating.
- As its name suggests the Virginia Ham originated in the commonwealth of Virginia. Ham, which is defined as the meat from the upper hinds legs of pigs, has been a popular food in America since settlers in the 17th century brought domesticated pigs with them from Europe. A Virginia Ham, also known as a country ham, is created through a curing process that covers the meat with salt to draw as much moisture out of it as possible to slow down the process of decay.
- There are many variations of this sweet southern treat, but the core ingredients of Mississippi Mud Pie are the trinity of baked goods: chocolate, butter and sugar. The peculiar name of this delicious dessert is taken from the dense, dark mud that is found along the banks of the Mississippi River.
- Louis' Lunch, the inventor of the hamburger, has long stuck to a basic menu that offers only the classic burger, sides of potato salad, potato chips, fresh baked pies and a small selection soft drinks. So if you're in the New Haven area and you're in the mood to try the original hamburger you need to eat Louis' lunch.
- Some food historians believe the "Cubano" sandwich may have actually originated back in Cuba, but the disagreement seems destined to continue. The Cuban sandwich is a slightly exotic take on the tasty, but basic ham and cheese sandwich.
- M&Ms have been melting in our mouths and not in our hands since 1941. The candy coating was inspired by a process used during World War II to allow soldiers to have chocolate that was less likely to melt into a brown glob in their ruck sacks.

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