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HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin / m-flo (Main Version)

新たな章【 m-flo 3.0 】の幕開けとも言える曲でフィーチャリングに迎えたのが、飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢いの世界No.1 アーティストJ. Balvin。世界各国で劇場公開される、グローバルSF劇場アニメ「HUMAN LOST人間失格」の主題歌として、m-floとJ. Balvinが共作し新曲を書き下ろした。日本語、英語、スペイン語の3ヶ国語が見事に絡み合い、未来を予見させるサウンドに乗り、異次元的な調和を生み出している。これまで ”loves”というフィーチャリングの新定義で音楽シーンに革命を起こしてきたm-floが20周年をむかえ、メンバーとして再加入したLISAと共に新たな一歩として撃ち出す【m-flo 3.0】の新曲は、ジャンルも言葉も国境も超えるグローバルネオポップス。LISAがJ. Balvinと同じコロンビアというルーツを持ち、今回の作品で共演を果たすというのも運命的な出来事といえる。

m-flo announces collaboration with J Balvin will be the theme song for global animated film “HUMAN LOST”!

During this year’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, America’s largest Anime Convention, m-flo
announced that their upcoming song “HUMAN LOST feat. J BALVIN” will be the theme song for the highly anticipated animated film “HUMAN LOST” set for global release in October 11th. This song release will mark the global reggaeton superstar’s first ever collaboration with a Japanese artist.
A year ago, J BALVIN performed alongside Chance The Rapper, Marshmello and other International artists at Japan’s largest music festival, Summer Sonic - where he also met VERBAL from m-flo for the first time. With J BALVIN having a strong interest in Japanese culture, the two immediately connected, and J Balvin happily accepted when VERBAL offered him the opportunity to collaborate on the “HUMAN LOST” theme song.

A multiple Latin Grammy Winner, J BALVIN is one of the top music artists in the world, having already been the #1 global streaming artist at YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and more. Following his groundbreaking work with artists from many genres and countries, J Balvin will look to connect further with Asian music fans this fall through this special partnership with m-flo.

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HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin
I look into your eyes but I don’t see you no more
Just a replica of what used to be you before
You say all the right things, do all the right things
But your heart’s not in it
I look into your eyes but I just don’t feel you no more

It's all about the way that you move
you're fadin' out 心ごと
探しても見つからないtrue you
I'm missing you so bad
baby bring your heart back

Hold up
Stand up
Hold up
Stand up

Got nobody

Where did you go
No reconoces mas
No sabes ya ni quien soy
Where did you go
No se si fue mentira o una falsa realidad ayyyy
ya no pareces humana no tienes un corazon
y solo dices cosas por decir y no las sientes

Where did you go
Where did you
Where did you
Where did you go

I was born a cynic, became a critic
Rather be a villain than be half committed
Half-ass hero, don’t wanna hear it
Don’t wanna take stab, if I can’t kill it
Yeah I get it… Yeah I get it
Trying to help out and make me fit in
Telling me we are the same, but you don’t get
that you're in the game I invented
Woke up this morning put my dreams on hold
Auto-pilot conscience 感情的に sleep mode

No eres humana, no eres humana, no eres, no eres, no eres humana
yeee ehhh ehhh jeeee yeee yeee
命を吹き込みたい into your soul

Where did you go
No reconoces mas
No sabes ya ni quien soy
Where did you go
No se si fue mentira o una falsa realidad ayyyy
ya no pareces humana no tienes un corazon
y solo dices cosas por decir y no las sientes

Where did you go
Where did you
Where did you
Where did you go

#mflo #JBalvin #HUMANLOST

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