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How to warm up your voice for singing (BEST 3 Exercises)

How to warm up your voice for singing

If you are interested in receiving a vocal evaluation or would like to take voice lessons from me, visit my website: http://madeleineharvey.com

5:54 Activate Power
7:22 Exercise - Revving the Diaphragm
13:05 Vocal chord coordination
15:09 Exercise - Close mouth jumps
19:17 Amplification
23:26 Exercise - Ng CATS

Hello friends! I’m Madeleine Harvey and thank you so much for joining me today. I wanted to devote some time guiding you through a great warmup routine that you can do every time you get prepared to sing. So if you like today’s video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe. I would love to have you as a part of my musical family!

I’m going to share with you my favorite warms up that I do every time. We’ll start with the basic essentials for a great warm up, and I’ll also show you how build onto each exercise, making them more advanced to suit your growing skill level The exercises used in today’s video are designed to layer a vocal foundation by including the areas of the voice used to Power, coordinate and amplify your voice.

It can be really confusing to select what you need to do as a warmup. Especially when you are learning on your own. So keep in mind the most important thing is to wake up your internal spaces and remind your muscles what will be expected of them and how they can support you. In the same way that a dancer stretches before a show. Your warm ups should always include exercises that focus on Power, coordination and amplification. With all that being said, it is crucial to bring in an attitude of deliberateness when you are warming up. You want to make your warmups as much like your performance as you can. When you perform, there is an elevation to the energy, we don’t half commit to our singing on a stage. So make sure you’re as deliberate and energetic in your warmups as well.

(Power) Activate your breath
This is where it all begins. The diaphragm is your engine of Power. Everything is sourced from here. So rev it up, get it stared and make sure your going deep for everything you need. We have to launch the breath into the face. (Could also do ff’s short staccato)

Revving the diaphragm - 4 short 1 long. (to add pizzaz - go on lip trill) This is going to do wonders for your phrasing and style. This raving or bouncing motion not only supports your sound, but gives your singing momentum and a presence that energizes your sound.

2. (Coordination) Adding breath to tone - Closed mouth jumps - Advanced Ha jump with spin
This sound is fantastic in building cord strength. The bouncing action releases muscular tension from the mix.

3. NG (amplification) (Cats about to fight) - We use temporary coordinations as a means to accentuate the one resonator so that it is strong enough to assist in the balancing of the others. It’s entirely possible that you may have to over-accentuate one resonator in order for them to blend equally. The mix is always going to default a little towards the head voice. Don’t resist this, but instead go with the release of it. AS you work this sound, you will be able to modify it to include more muscle fiber.

Now you’ll want to connect that turning sensation with a part of your face that is incredibly resonant. (Al capon) Nuh 1-3-5-8 we hear a distinct presence of each resonator in the overall tone. As you pay attention to your acoustics in your head, you’ll need to be incredibly clear with your mental imagery. Really work to aim your sound. This will allow both your chest and head voices to share the responsibility of the shifting nature of the tone.

Thank you so much for joining me today!

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